Hamster Universe brings space traveling rodents to the Windows Store

Kit McDonald

Some games are just too adorable to stop playing, and that’s precisely the situation for Hamster Universe. Brought to us by the same creators of Wire Defuser and Dumb Monsters, SneakyBox has just released Hamster Universe. According to the description:

Hamsters are idleness critters that prosper all their lives eating, sleeping and occasionally going for a run and not much else. They prosper and reach their milestones that way. One heroic hamster tired of idleness decided there is more to life and idle than just that. Instead of going through the idle games routine of an ordinary rodent, he tapped and gathered like-minded hamsters for a trip of their lifetimes to reach his milestones – gather energy riches. He took some picks and built a high-tech spaceship powered by his tapped click wheel and prepared for a journey to explore the vast riches of the outer space void. All he needs before the takeoff to the void is your click.

The game plays like a typical clicker game, keeping the hamster moving on the treadmill to generate enough energy. As time goes on, the player can unlock upgrades to build more electricity with each click, and even some without clicking. Ultimately, the goal is to explore space where a massive force of hamsters fly through the stars and generate copious amounts of electricity.

While the gameplay might seem a bit redundant, the build of bigger numbers keeps you clicking similar to other titles in the genre. Hamster Universe is free on Windows Store for PC and mobile so give it a try; you may be shocked by what you find.

Hamster Universe
Hamster Universe
Developer: Game Troopers
Price: Free