Halo 5 custom game browser coming to Xbox and PC

Kit McDonald

Developer studio 343 Industries has pumped out a lot of new content and features for Halo 5: Guardians. Their live support and continued progress for the gameplay has kept a lot of the community coming back time and time again to enjoyed the latest installments. Many fans are waiting patiently for the next update aptly named Anvil’s Legacy with the Forge file content browser coming in a few short days. What they didn’t expect was the confirmation that a custom game browser was already in the works.

343 Industry dev Frank O’Connor (also known by the username Stinkles) posted on NeoGAF to talk about his recent experience with Halo 5’s new gameplay. “Once the custom game browser is available I think the community might get crazy legit,” he shared casually with the ‘nexus for gamers’ forum.

It wasn’t until the follow up by Josh Holmes that fans really started to get excited about the ability to browse, join, and create custom games. According to VG247, he confirmed by making a statement:

“To be clear, it’s a new feature that will provide similar functionality to a custom game browser, extending the existing file browser. It’s something we’ve wanted to build for years and managed to get done as part of our ongoing support for the game. We’ll be talking in more detail as we near release, but yeah it’s pretty megaton for Halo and will be a great addition on both PC and console.”

Not much more is known about the custom game browser beyond that it is being worked on. However, the file browser will be released on September 8. It’s also worth noting that since the team took off for PAX, the next information dump will be during a livestream that will be tomorrow. “There’s lots of cool stuff on the way, and we can’t wait to jump in with you,” B for Bravo confirmed on the latest preview blog post. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the game browser as well since the cat’s out of the bag.