This guy really wanted to play Madden on his Xbox 360 while on a train

Arif Bacchus

Xbox 360 console

From manspreading, the pizza rat, or even the woman who most recently dropped live bugs in a packed subway car, the New York City Subway System has been home to many bizarre moments. A new moment for the list, however, is a man that was captured playing his Xbox 360 while riding the subway.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.14.06 PM
The man and his Xbox (Photo from m4h_gaming/ Instagram)

As posted on Urban Leak, the man in the photo above reportedly paid no mind to the commuters around him but was rather focused on playing Madden on the portable TV and Xbox 360 just a couple of feet away from his face. It’s not exactly clear how he managed to power both the TV and Xbox 360 while on the go (we’re assuming it’s a battery of some kind and not a flux capacitor), but it’s safe to say that this brings “Xbox anywhere” to an entirely new level.

There is, nonetheless, a homemade portable option available for new Xbox One S. As we originally reported back in August, Ed Zarick created the Xbook One S laptop and sells the device for the hefty price of $1,200. Perhaps this gentleman could consider investing in an upgrade.