Grounded Xbox and Windows video game finally gets a release date

Brad Stephenson

Grounded video game on Xbox consoles and Windows PC

After years of being in Early Access (basically open beta,) the Grounded video game will finally have a proper full release this year on September 27th.

The announcement was made earlier today by the game’s director, Adam Brennecke, via a video post on the official Grounded Twitter account.

In the video, Brennecke reveals the official launch for the game and also confirms that the launch will be accompanied by a rather significant update that will add a new secret feature and several new story elements that’ll explore why the player has been shrunk and stuck in the backyard within the game.

While Grounded’s aesthetic and concept isn’t for everyone, the game has managed to garner a loyal following with over 10 million players jumping on board in the past two years. A large number of official Grounded merch has also been released via the Xbox Gear Shop online store and an animated Grounded TV series was even announced earlier this month.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Grounded brand evolves after the game launches in full in September.