Xbox exclusive game Grounded hits the 10 million player mark, gets new update

Kevin Okemwa

Grounded video game on Xbox consoles and Windows PC

Gamers across the world continue to enjoy the thrills and adventures the game Grounded has to offer as the game recently hit the 10 million player mark. The news comes after the game previously hit the 5 million active players mark in November of 2020.

Exclusive to Xbox and still in its development phase, the Grounded development team attributed their immense success to their loyal fans that interact with the game. Through their feedback, the development team is able to sand off the rough edges which will have a major implication during its official release that is set to take place sometime this year.

A classic example is the development team incorporating the ability for gamers to craft more than one item at once. As a form of appreciation to the fans, the team alongside Grounded Game Director Adam Brennecke released a short video on their YouTube channel to celebrate the huge milestone and thank their fans.


The development team is still working on some updates that will lead up to the game’s official release. The most recent update, 0.12, is filled with new spaces and creatures for gamers to explore while traversing through the backyard. In this update,  in the upper yard, the BBQ grill has been knocked over, and players are on a dangerous path.

The Grounded team is still receiving feedback from Xbox gamers improving key aspects of the game. We’ll have to wait and see what the team has in store for us later on this year but the team says a version 1.0 release is coming later this year and the game is only “getting bigger and better.”