Grab the Tokyo Ghoul anime’s first season for free on Xbox One & Windows 10

Brad Stephenson

Tokyo Ghoul anime series

The first season of the popular anime series, Tokyo Ghoul, is now available to claim for free via the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 devices and Xbox One video game consoles. Here’s its official description.

Tokyo lives in fear of creatures called Ghouls. By day, they live as ordinary humans, but by night, they become flesh-eating monsters. When a young man becomes the first Ghoul-human half breed, he must learn to harness his deadly, newfound powers.

This anime series is definitely one for older viewers as it features a significant amount of gore and sexual references. If this sort of anime is your bag, make sure to grab it here. The offer expires in six days.

The Microsoft Store has a large number of anime movies, series, and video games on sale right now so it’s worth having a look if you’re an anime fan. Have you bought anything in the anime sale this month? Share your recommendations with the community in the comments below.