Goat Simulator, Watch Dogs, FIFA 17 on sale in week two of the Xbox Countdown sale

Arif Bacchus

Week Two of the Xbox Countdown sale is underway, and now is a great chance to save on some excellent Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. The savings from today until January 9th include Watch Dogs, FIFA 17, Goat Simulator, and much more. As is usual, the list is quite extensive, so we’ve given some of the week’s biggest deals a look and have included the details for you below.

Xbox One Deals:

Watch Dogs 2: $59.99 now $41.99 or $35.99 with Gold

Tom Clancy’s The Division: $49.99 now $25.00 or $20.00 with Gold

Goat Simulator: $9.99 now $4.00 or $3.30 with Gold

FIFA 17: $59.99 now $35.99 or $30.00 with Gold

Dead Rising 4: $59.99 now $44.99 or $40.19 with Gold

Overwatch: Origins Edition: $59.99 now $44.99 or $40.19 with Gold

Fallout 4: $59.99 now $35.99 or $30.00 with Gold

XCOM 2:  $59.99 now $47.99 or $41.99 with Gold

Microsoft Xbox One S video game bundles for the holiday season
Did you buy one of these Xbox One S video game bundles for the holiday season?

Xbox 360 Deals:

FIFA 17: $35.99 or $29.99 with Gold

Call of Duty: Ghosts:  $23.99 or $19.99 with Gold

Rise of the Tomb Raider: $27.99 or $23.99 with Gold

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: $8.99 or $7.49 with Gold

Skyrim: $17.99 or $14.99 with Gold

Left 4 Dead 2: $8.59 or $6.59 with Gold

Call of Duty: World at War $11.99 or $9.99 with Gold

Forza Horizon 2: 17.99 or $14.99 with Gold

xbox 360
The Xbox 360

As always, the sale is not limited to the titles mentioned above, and it would be tricky to cover the entire list in just this one post.  You can head over here now to check out the full list! Once you’ve checked it out, be sure to come back to OnMSFT and let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!