Giveaway: Microsoft Windows Intune 2.0 Quickstart Administration book


We are pleased to offer a very special giveaway for our readers thanks to Packt Publishing. Three winners will have a chance to win a copy of Microsoft Windows Intune 2.0 Quickstart Administration book to help create an efficient PC management solution for your business.

Microsoft Windows Intune 2.0 Quickstart Administration offers you an easy way to deliver Windows PC management to your users, no matter where in the world they physically sit and irrespective of your current knowledge of management and support processes. On top of that, this book will teach you about moving to a single management strategy that enables flexibility required by different user types. Most importantly, this book will provide you with clear and concise instructions and detailed images to ensure you are successful at adopting all of the Windows Intune best practices for PC management.

Here is what you will learn from this book, which was published in January 2012 (312 pages):

  • Plan and deliver PC management, ensuring the IT requirements align to the business needs
  • Install and configure Windows Intune, ensuring good communication between the PC and the internet-based service
  • Understand how policies apply to computers and the impact and resolution of multiple conflicting policies
  • Monitor computers and report to the business, the success of the PC management and any specific issues that need addressing in the users’ behaviour
  • Remotely install and manage Microsoft and non-Microsoft updates for computers that you manage
  • Install and uninstall software without user interaction driven by the management console
  • Deal with alerts and remotely connect to a user’s computer to fix issues and offer assistance, right through a reboot if required
  • Diagnose more serious system issues with the Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset
  • Migrate from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7 without losing the users’ files and settings

Packt Publishing has graciously offered three books to our winners. Winners from the U.S. and Europe can either choose a physical copy of the book or the eBook. Users from other locales are limited to the eBook only. You can check out sample chapters here.

To enter this giveaway, you must:
1) Reply to this post with a comment and tell us what you’re looking forward to learning the most.
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Three winners will be chosen by February 18th and will be required to create an account on WinBeta in order to receive their prize (might as well create that account now, right?) Good luck to all!