Github launches Skills, new interactive courses for beginners and pros

Kevin Okemwa


If you are just getting started or a veteran GitHub user, there’s always plenty for you to learn and explore as it keeps on evolving with time. Previously, users had to rely on secondary platforms such as Learning Lab and explainer videos to stay in touch with what’s new on the platform.

Now there is a new approach to this, where users will get to enhance their GitHub knowledge on GitHub. As such, Learning Lab is also set for deprecation on September 1.

Hence the debut of GitHub Skills, which is backed by GitHub Actions. Essentially, it is in place to help both beginners and pros enhance their Github skillsets. As such, the developing process will now become mor efficient and effective.

GitHub Skills aims to provide users with a smooth, fast, and customizable learning experience which is why it is built with GitHub Actions. The learning experience will feature some popular topics such as Introduction to GitHub and Continuous integration. Furthermore, the user is at liberty to curate their own courses for their projects using the open source course template.

Based on the fact that the learning experience is built on GitHub Actions, the course will be free in public repositories and on self-hosted runners, However, if you are taking the course on a private repository, you will also get it for free. However, it is limited to your account’s monthly free GitHub Actions minutes. Sign up for GitHub Skills to gain access to all these and more.