Getting to your Office 365 email is about to get a lot easier

Laurent Giret

Among all the new Office 365 updates that Microsoft announced yesterday, there was an interesting bit about that probably deserved a bit more emphasis. Indeed, the company announced that Office 365 users will soon be able to log in to their email inbox via the url, making it a universal entry point for personal MSA accounts and Office 365 work/school accounts (via Neowin).

As of today, the sign in page on only accepts personal MSA accounts. Starting next month, this sign in page will also accept Office 365 accounts, and users filling in an Office 365 email will be redirected to their organisation’s sign-in page. This is currently how things works on, where you can either sign in with a personal MSA account or an Office 365 account.

This is a welcome change that should make the Office 365 webmail (also called “Outlook on the web”) more accessible for Office 365 users. If you’re not already logged in to your Office 365 account, it’s probably much faster to access your work email via than or even, assuming you remember the latter url in the first place.