Get a free engraving with any Xbox Design Lab controller

Kareem Anderson

Special Pizza Hut Xbox One Controllers

As if customizing your very own Xbox controller with your whatever wacky color combination your hearts desires isn’t enough, Microsoft is now offering free engravings to make sure your friend’s Cheetos-laden fingers never mistake your controller for theirs.

What used to cost an additional $9.99 for anyone visiting the Xbox Design Lab website looking to brand their controller with whatever quip or signature they could come up with is now free for what we believe is a limited time.

Further sweetening the pot, Microsoft is also claiming early takers of this deal should get their custom controllers in time for Christmas.

For those interested, head over to the Xbox Design Labs website to try out a few customizations and engraving options before dolling out the $79.99 for that personalized piece of hardware. Anecdotally, I tried out several options to actually match the decor in my living room straight from the website and the results were awesome.

Share with us below in the comments your ideal customized controller.