Get 4x XP in Killer Instinct on Xbox One & Windows 10 this weekend

Brad Stephenson

In celebration of Killer Instinct’s fourth birthday, the fighting game will be having a quadruple XP weekend this weekend starting from today. This means that all experience earned on characters will be quadrupled and for those with VIP, which perpetually doubles XP, the multiplier will stack which means hardcore Killer Instinct fans should expect six times the XP.

XP in Killer Instinct is needed to unlock accessories which can be used to change the appearance of each character. They don’t change the stats of any of the fighters but they do allow for some more variety in what is seen on screen.

In addition to the XP bonus, any Killer Instinct player who unlocks an achievement on Xbox One, Windows 10, or Steam before December 1st will go into a draw to win a variety of KI goods.

Are you still playing Killer Instinct four years later or have you moved on to something else? Let us know in the comments below.