Get a 2-month free trial to Hulu’s premium service from the Windows Store

Mark Coppock


If you’re a streaming media fan, you have a number of great services to choose from. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the most popular, certainly, but other players can dish up some good TV and movie selections. One of the longest-running services is Hulu, which in addition to its limited free service has a premium offering that rivals the bigger players.

Right now, Microsoft and Hulu have gotten together to offer up something special. If you download and install the Windows 10 Hulu app and sign up for the service, you can give it a nice 2-month trial. Normally, Hulu’s premium offer will set you back $9.99 a month, and so that’s a nice opportunity to get hooked on give the service a try without putting down your hard-earned cash.

Hulu Windows 10 Desktop App
Hulu Windows 10 app.

And so, go download the Hulu app and get signed up. You’ll have a full 60 days to decide if you should add Hulu to your list of streaming TV and movie services.