Garlik Angel Launches in the Google Chrome Web Store, Giving US Consumers Powerful, Personal Protection Against Online Crime


Garlik Angel Launches in the Google Chrome Web Store, Giving US Consumers Powerful, Personal Protection Against Online Crime

Garlik Angel will alert users to personally identifiable information discovered on the web, social networking sites and being traded by criminals

Wednesday, 8th December, 2010 – [url=]Garlik[/url], the online crime experts, have today announced the launch of Garlik Angel in North America. Garlik Angel is an online application available exclusively through the new [url=]Chrome Web Store[/url], which helps protect users from the risks of online crime on the public web, social networks and black market data trading sites.

Garlik Angel is available at the Chrome Web Store for a monthly subscription of $3.99. It constantly monitors for the exposure of a user’s personal and financial information such as email addresses, social security numbers, credit card details and much more. When information is found Garlik Angel will alert them immediately via e-mail and SMS. Garlik Angel then helps them take action to protect themselves by providing any assistance required as a result of the alerts with its proactive “Alert and Mend” philosophy. This reduces the risk of the individual falling victim to online fraud or scams in the first place.

Currently Garlik’s services monitors over two million pieces of traded information every month and there is no sign of this figure subsiding. Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the way they target consumers through the Internet to gain financial and other information about them, which can then be used for gain through its sale, or fraudulent financial transactions, such as credit card sales, or new loans against a victims name.

Garlik Angel helps users:

– Protect their money online by alerting and advising them if financial details are found exposed on the public web
– Avoid being an innocent victim of fraud by alerting them if contact details could easily be stolen online and used to make fake documents in their name, or if an e-mail address is being sold to internet fraudsters
– Avoid harassment. Stolen personal data is often used to make victims an easy target for spam, junk mail, and nuisance calls that are annoying and could trick them into losing money
– Learn all the tips and tricks to being web-savvy through regular newsletters, an online community, and access to a team of experts

Kate Bolton, Vice President at Garlik Inc said, ”Garlik Angel keeps you safe while you shop, surf, or bank online, by helping prevent your personal information being used and abused by fraudsters, scammers and hackers.”

Garlik Angel is available exclusively through the Chrome Web Store, an online marketplace where users can search, browse and use web-based applications and extensions. From productivity tools to research sites to interactive games, the Chrome Web Store helps users find the best applications on the web.

Get Garlik Angel on Chrome Web Store for only $3.99 per month [url=]here[/url].