Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can get 30-day Paramount Plus free trial starting March 23

Arif Bacchus

Halo TV series trailer

Halo: The Series is making its debut on Paramount Plus on March 24, and if you want to watch, but aren’t yet a subscriber to the streaming service, Microsoft has you covered. Indeed, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can get a 30-day Paramount Plus free trial to enjoy the new series (via The Verge.)

To claim this offer, all you need to do is visit the “Perks” section of the Xbox Game Pass hub on your Xbox console. You also can check by going to the Xbox Game Pass mobile app and going to the profile screen, or on PC by going to the Game Pass tab on your Xbox app. The perk will show up starting March 23 on all these mediums, which is one day before the series airs.

Do note, though, that Halo: The Series is expected to be 9 episodes long, so you’ll still need to subscribe to Paramount Plus for another month to see the entire season. Still, it’s a great way to save and enjoy the series and save a bit while doing so.

We’re sure you already know, but Halo: The Series is a TV show based on the hit Halo video game series. It’s a little bit different from the world in the current versions of the video game, as it’s set in the Silver Timeline. A second trailer for the series recently was released, so we invite you to check it out if you’re not already interested.