Game Insight releases two new Windows 10 games

Kareem Anderson

The group over at Game Insight have been hard at work on bringing two new games for Windows 10. As of today, the wait is over for those games. Game Insight is happily announcing the launch of Love & Dragons and Maritime Kingdom for Windows 10.
The two new titles add to an already robust stable of games available to Windows 10 users from Game Insight. With 13 titles already in the Windows Store, some users may need to make some space on their devices for the recent additions.
As far as the new games are concerned, Maritime Kingdom is trading and city building experience not too dissimilar from the likes of Sim City. The game adds a new sophisticated trade and barter system that lets gamers manage over 30 resources. Other intricate details such as navigating diplomacy and fleet building should offer gamers days of continuous entertainment.
Gamers may also enjoy:

  • Explore the four corners of the globe in over 350 quests
  • Create a mighty city with over 40 building types
  • Build a mighty fleet & establish trade routes
  • Establish diplomatic relations with other powerful rulers

Love and Dragons, on the other hand, is a colorful and spirited hidden object game. Gamers are set on a journey with their companion Miralda to oppose unforgiving prophecy while also helping her find her true love in the process. Love and Dragons is particularly unique in its ability to weave an actual plot through the games basic ‘Where’s Waldo-like’ gameplay. During the gamers journey, they will encounter mighty warriors, sorcerers, and, of course, a dragon or two.
Other key elements include:

  • Amazing hidden objects game will take you on an unforgettable journey through the world of magic
  • Lots of characters with their own unique background, nature and hobbies
  • Hard fight with the criminal bosses and the creatures of the abyss
  • Unexpected plot twists, mystery and intrigue
  • Convenient friends system allowing you to help each other and play together
  • Great graphics and sound – You will be able to make friends with dragons, take part in the liberation of the empire and to make peace between the warring states.

Gamers can grab both titles from the Windows Store today.

Love and Dragons
Love and Dragons
Price: Free

Maritime Kingdom
Maritime Kingdom
Price: Free