Windows 10 Insiders should expect to see new "Popup tips" this month

Staff Writer

Image Credit: Winbeta

Gabe Aul has just re-tweeted Joe Belfiore about new tips coming to Windows 10. Joe’s original tweet specifically called them “soft landing” tips. We believe that means they will proactively appear as you use Windows. However, each set of tips will be uniquely tailored to the needs of each user. That means if you’ve done, for example already been engaging with Cortana, you won’t see a tip teaching you how to do that.

The tips should start appearing to Windows Insiders today. No doubt Microsoft is trying to avoid what happened with the launch of Windows 8, now offering tutorials at every turn of Windows 10. It’s good to know that with this release of the OS, customers will know exactly how to use Windows 10.

However, the Window team need to strike an ideal balance. Previously the Office team offered Clippy, and that didn’t work out so well. However, with Windows 10 and Windows Mobile we think they’ve learned that lesson judging by what they’ve done with Cortana.