Grab UWP storage app Disko for free today

Brad Stephenson

Disko Windows 10 App

The disk management app, Disko, is currently free in the Windows Store for today and tomorrow. The app usually retails for $9.99 so now is a pretty good time to check it out. Disko is essentially a system memory management tool that scans a Windows 10 device and detects how much memory is being used and which files and programs are using up the most. It can also search for duplicate files and is designed to prevent the deletion of important system files. Here’s the official app description for Disko:

Running out of disk space? Disko is here to help! With Disko’s Auto-Scan, get a disk space usage report without pressing a single button. Then, use Disko to delete unwanted or duplicate files to reclaim your space. Disko tells you what’s taking up your disk space, and then helps you declutter with a few taps. This little app starts scanning your disk as soon as you launch it and lets you delete files while it scans. Its powerful scan engine can analyze more than 10,000 files per minute across your entire system.

Safety first! Disko moves your unwanted files to the Recycle Bin. Just empty the Recycle Bin when you’re done – this will reclaim your disk space and flush the junk away. Disko protects your system by operating in a sandboxed environment – you can use it to delete your unwanted files and folders, but built-in safeguards prevent it from deleting system files. Disko is built exclusively for Windows 10. It is only available from the Windows Store, so you know it’s safe.

Disko is a Universal Windows Platform app and is compatible with Windows 10 PCs and tablets as well as Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. Have you tried Disko yet on your device? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

File Scanner Pro by Disko
File Scanner Pro by Disko
Developer: Avanquest Apps
Price: Free