Forza Hub app now available for Windows 10, perfect for Forza fans

Vu Anh Nguyen

After Halo, the next Xbox community to get a Windows app are Forza players, with the arrival of the universal Forza Hub app for Windows 10.
As expected of a product straight from the maker of Windows itself, the new Forza Hub app is probably one of the most polished app experiences on Windows 10 that you can find. The user interface is wonderfully minimalistic and image-centric, evoking the image of the Xbox One dashboard, down to the black background and large tile interface. The app offers player info, news on the game, and cars and racing in general. By visiting the apps, players can receive free credits and cars every month.
forza-hub forza-hub-2
There are examples of attention-to-detail everywhere, from the transparent slide-out menu with slight shadows, to the animations as you press on different sections mimicking the Xbox experience. Forza is all about admiring lustrous cars rolling on perfect roads, and the apps almost feels as premium as the cars it shows off, which is a considerable achievement. A great experience for Forza fans, the app can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store on your device.

Forza Hub
Forza Hub
Developer: Microsoft Studios
Price: Free