Forgot to pick up a Valentine’s Day gift? You may still be able to grab an Xbox Valentine’s Day package

Robert Collins

If you forgot to get something special for that significant other Xbox player in your life, you may still be in luck…but only if you hurry.

The Series X Pulse Red Controller was released in early February, just in time for the holiday. With its rather vermilion aesthetic, the controller ties in perfectly to Valentine’s Day. As part of the new controller’s promotion a Valentine’s Day themed care package was sent out to select influencers. It included the Pulse Red Controller along with stickers and a note reading, “Thanks for being my Player no.2” Members of the Kinda Funny xCast podcast were among the recipients.

If you weren’t among those fortunate enough to receive the care package, you can still (just maybe) grab one of the controllers at Walmart or Gamestop, while supplies last of course. The controller retails for $64.99. Pair it with a nice little card, maybe some flowers and/or chocolates, and you’re good to go for another whole year. You can also order the controller online.

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