First Xbox One 1806 build now available for Preview Beta Insiders

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft last night released the first Xbox One 1806 build for Preview Beta Insiders. This build comes with a set of fixes and known issues, the new Groups feature, and much more. Here’s what you need to know before installing on your Xbox One console.

New Features:

  • In this build we are enabling the Groups feature for all of the Preview BETA ring. You’ll need to take the new system update once available, and then perform a full power reboot of the console before Groups will be enabled for you.
  • Searching for content is now even easier! Now pressing the Y button anywhere in the dashboard will bring up the search dialog. This process is found in many apps, but now you can do it anywhere within the dashboard.
  • The Narrator feature on Xbox One now supports five additional languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and Dutch. We’re also adding an Australian version of English language for Narrator
  • Mixer Broadcasting— Users can now enable their camera to display full screen while broadcasting.

Known Issues:

  • Groups may not appear for you on first sign in unless you do a full console reboot after taking the system update. This is being fixed in an upcoming build and should only affect having just taken this system update.
  • The Groups tab in My games & apps may not show after sign in even though you can access Groups in Guide, or you may see “This group does not exist” on Home on first sign-in for your existing Groups. Workaround: Sign in / out to refresh these pages.
  • Some changes might not be reflected when editing Groups between multiple consoles after coming out of connected standby. Sign in/out to fix.
  • Adding the Rewards app to Groups causes you to be unable to access your Groups. This is fixed for an upcoming build.
  • Using special characters in Group names (e.g. &,”) causes issues during Group creation or using the “Add more” flow. Note: emojis are fine. This is being fixed in an upcoming build.
  • You may see issues with Groups if you frequently switch between your non-Preview console and your Preview console. Workaround: Reset your Groups locally on the Preview console through “My games & apps” > Groups, then using the “Reset groups” button at the bottom of the page to resync from the service.
  • Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.
  • Work continues on the stability of the Wi-Fi connectivity. If you see any issues please report the problems for investigation.
  • Some users are encountering an issue where their YouTube account is being signed out whenever they launch the app.

Microsoft finally addressed the issue with errors in the GameDVR and Microsoft Edge in this build, so the company is clearly working on your feedback. We also remind you that select Xbox Insiders can also try out the new Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox, so be sure to check it out if you’re higher up the ring and are a Preview Alpha Xbox Insider.