FINALLY an Xbox One video game where you can live your best Unicorn Princess life in 4K UHD

Brad Stephenson

The Unicorn Princess video game on Xbox One

Have you ever wanted to become a princess and ride your very own rainbow unicorn while exploring the countryside and a mystical dream world? Well, The Unicorn Princess might just be the game for you and it’s now playable on Microsoft’s Xbox One family of consoles.

The game is all about the horse riding experience and allows players to ride up to six different horses, which can all be customized to suit personal tastes, and offers up to 15 different missions for players to complete. The Unicorn Princess will also play in 4K UHD when played on an Xbox One X console.

Here’s the full game description:

From your village, the Dream World is just a step away!

Befriend Unica the unicorn while exploring the real world and the world of dreams.

You’re the only one who can help Unica save her world!

  • 15 different missions between two worlds
  • Many options to customise your character and horse
  • An open world to explore on the back of one of six horses available

While this game does clearly have a very niche audience, it could make for a fun Christmas present next month for any children in your life or any adult friends who probably watch way too much My Little Pony.

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