Finally an Xbox One video game about conga lines!

Brad Stephenson

Conga Master on Xbox One

The rather unique video game, Conga Master, is now available to buy on PC via the Steam gaming service but it has also been announced for release on the Xbox One sometime in early 2017. The game supports up to four players in simultaneous multi-player and tasks each participant with creating the longest conga line they can.

Here’s the official game description:

The hilarious party arcade game Conga Master sees up to four players each controlling their chosen party-goer in his or her quest to create the most epic conga line ever. Travelling through different nightclub locales during a night to remember, players will find all manner of dancers with different styles and personalities. Shimmy up close to entice them with a successful display of dazzling dancing, and they will join your line. But, with great conga comes great responsibility, and the longer the conga, the harder it will be to maintain momentum and avoid disco downers, like the crotchety custodians or the pigs in disguise who will try to infiltrate your line and stink up your party vibe.

No digital pre-order is available yet for Xbox One but we’ll make sure to post about it once it goes live so check back soon.