Stardock launches Fences 4, 1.0 with new peek feature

Arif Bacchus

Stardock has launched Fences 4.0 version 1.0. One of their most popular desktop applications, this new version now helps users organize their desktop in even more ways, especially in creative programs.

One of the top features in Fences 4 is a new one that lets users view fences with the Windows Key and Space combination. Stardock believes this can be useful in apps like Premiere or Photoshop since you no longer will have to minimize the application to look for a picture or file in File Explorer. Another new feature is the Desktop Display (Windows Key + D) that can be used to access content on the desktop.

Of course, like many other apps, Fences 4 now matches Windows 11’s new rounded corners and glass-like aero effects. Check out the video above for a peek at all the new features Fences 4 can be purchased for $9.99, and it’s also included in Stardock’s Object Desktop suite.