Far Cry Primal, Replay: VHS Is Not Dead, and more video games available today on Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Far Cry Primal on Xbox One

The much-anticipated Far Cry Primal leads the release of several games on Xbox One today, each bringing something different to the growing library of games on Microsoft’s console.

Far Cry Primal is the latest entry in the successful action survival game franchise. While most of its predecessors have been set in the present, Primal leaps back centuries to The Stone Age and lets the player control a caveman who must survive in a wild world without technology while fending off a variety of human and animal predators.

Here’s the official description:

The Far Cry franchise returns in the Stone Age, a time of danger and adventure, when humanity is struggling to survive. Conquer this innovative open world with breathtaking environments and unpredictable savage encounters. The rich setting of the Stone Age provides a new setting filled with unpredictable mayhem, dangerous threats, and incredible stories that Far Cry is known for. Play as Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. There is one goal: survive in a world where you are the prey.

Far Cry Primal is available in both a regular and special “Apex” edition which comes with the regular game and all of its digital content such as the Legend of the Mammoth missions, the Blood Shasti Club weapon, four enhancement packs, and a variety of crafting and item packs.

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Also out today is the smaller title, Reagan Gorbachev, a top-down action stealth game which supports local 2 player multiplayer in 32 levels of alternative 1986 history action.

Here’s the official description:

The year is 1986. Cold War leaders Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev have been kidnapped by militant extremists. Once rivals, now they must cooperate… or die. Armed only with their fists and samurai swords and poison darts and pistols and shotguns and fully automatic assault rifles and grenade launchers and miniguns and bazookas some other guns – sneak, slash or shoot your way through an army of mercenaries. Save the world from nuclear apocalypse.

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Replay: VHS Is Not Dead is a two dimensional platformer that incorporates time manipulation and character combinations to complete levels. With over 70 levels across five worlds, there’s plenty to keep gamers busy for a while.

Here’s the official word on the title:

Replay: VHS Is Not Dead is a platform game in which you control time in a brand new way. Control up to 5 different characters and synchronize their actions to complete each level.

Take on the role of film director and travel through several humorous movies in REPLAY: VHS IS NOT DEAD!

Each level is full of surprises and will have you racking your brains. Are you ready? Then… Silence on the set… Camera… Action!

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The final game out today on Xbox One is The Flame in the Flood, a survival game which tasks the player with ensuring the safety of a young girl and her dog after a massive disaster. The game features an original full length soundtrack by alternative country rocker, Chuck Ragan, and also features The Camaraderie, The Fearless Kin, and other special guest artists.

Here’s the official description for The Flame in the Flood:

The Flame in the Flood is a wilderness survival game in which a girl and her dog travel by foot and by raft down a procedurally-generated river. Scrounge for resources, craft tools, remedy afflictions, evade the vicious wildlife and, most importantly, stay healthy in a dangerous wilderness.

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While not available to play today, Cel Damage HD can now be pre-ordered and pre-downloaded on Xbox One. Cel Damage HD is a remake of Cel Damage: Overdrive which has been upgraded to HD and features several improvements over the original.

Take control of the world’s nuttiest cartoon drivers to demolish your friends with insane weapons and wacky arena hazards!

Cel Damage HD is the definitive local multiplayer game, so just add a couch and have a blast with your friends and family. Master the single-player mode to get a leg up on the competition!

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Are you going to buy any of these Xbox One games? Let us know what you’re playing in the comments below.