Fantasy puzzle game Castles launching on Xbox One October 5th

Brad Stephenson

Castles on Xbox One

A new puzzle game, Castles, is coming to the Xbox One on October 5th. The game is set in a magical fantasy world and involves a combination of action and grid-based puzzle challenges as well as a variety of different modes such as multi-player and a solo-player story mode. Here’s the official game description:

Castles is an exciting puzzle game with high doses of action, set in a fantasy medieval world. Up to two players have to match rows of 3 or more blocks with the same color or tool.  The players don’t control blocks, instead, they control the “engineers”, which makes for a very different game experience. The whole game takes place in a 7×7 block grid, in which the perimeter is limited exclusively to the character movement.  Blocks will fall from above onto the central 5×5 grid, where the player have to push and pull them in order to make combinations. If you complete the level goals, the tower grows taller. As it grows, different challenges in the shape of weather effects or enemies will get in the way.  These challenges will be randomly generated, so you’ll never play the same game twice. In Castles, you lose the game when the 5×5 grid gets full of blocks. Play the Adventure mode to follow the story and defeat Kind Edmund, or the Survival mode where the challenge is to build the tallest tower.  If you want to play against a friend you could try Battle mode, where each player builds a tower and tries to ambush his opponent.

Castles isn’t yet available to purchase in the Windows Store but we’ll make sure to post about it as soon as it goes online. Do you enjoy playing puzzle games on the Xbox One? Share your favorite titles with the site community in the comments below.