False Alarm! Microsoft might not be alone in the Windows RT market after all

Zac Bowden

Dell 10 Pro

Dell recently canceled their Dell XPS 10 tablet, a Windows RT based device which ran on the ARM processor. The cancelation of this device meant that Microsoft was the only contender left in the Windows RT market, however according to a report, Dell isn’t done with Windows RT just yet.

The report claims that next week, Dell will announce a brand new Windows RT tablet supporting decent specs. The device will be an ARM Qualcomm device, with 2GB RAM and a 1920 x 1080p screen. Pretty nice.

Dell is set to announce Windows 8.1 tablets at the event too in addition to its new Windows RT tablet, which means there will be a variety of Windows tablets coming from Dell this holiday season.

It’s nice to know that at least one company hasn’t given up on Windows RT just yet, but if Dell want to gain some market share in the RT market, they’ll need to price the tablet rather low to get it off the ground.