Eye tracking gets its own USB HID standard, thanks to Tobii, Microsoft and others

Laurent Giret

Tobii, a company known for its eye-tracking products for PC Games and VR has announced today that it has established a new USB Standard for eye tracking (via Windows Central). This groundbreaking work is a result of a collaboration with Microsoft, Intel, and EyeTech DS, and it means that eye-tracking technology now plays on the same level than mice, keyboards, game controllers, and other devices that have standardized HID usages.

“At the highest level, this is further confirmation of the increasing adoption and critical value that eye tracking delivers for general interactive use in computers, smartphones, head-mounted displays and other devices,” explained Tobii in the blog post. “In addition, this enables opportunities for deeper integration with operating systems via an established interface that operating system vendors and hardware integrators can rely on.”

Eye-tracking support is already built-in on Windows 10, and this new USB HID standard will hopefully lead to a widespread adoption of eye tracking technology. “Device manufacturers can integrate eye tracking technology with increased confidence that there will be a rich eco-system of content available that utilizes the technology,” Tobii said today.