Microsoft promises more gaming news soon after disappointing Games Awards presence

Kevin Okemwa

The Games Awards 2022 took place last week, where the best players in the gaming industry received awards for their accomplishments. Big players in the industry also used this opportunity to announce what they had in store for their fans next year.

If you happened to catch the 3-hour-long ceremony, then you might have noticed that Microsoft wasn’t at the forefront as you’d expect it to be.

As we had earlier reported in our recap of the Games Award 2022, Microsoft’s presence was merely felt at the event. The company only made a handful of announcements highlighting the entries that avid gamers should expect next year.

A lot of people were not pleased and took to social media to express their disappointment, as they had greater expectations.

But Microsoft has now come to address the issue and has stated that there’s a lot in store for gamers in 2023 and that its appearance and the few announcements made during the Games Award 2022 should not be misconstrued as the only thing it has to offer come next year.

Recently promoted, Microsoft’s Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to clear the air and stated the company indeed has lots of goodies in store for gamers.

Though this is very little to go by as the company didn’t disclose more details, at least we now know that there are a couple of projects in the works. We will just have to wait and see what Microsoft has in store for its fans moving forward.

In November, it was rumored that the tech giant was set to skip the event over the Activision Blizzard controversies because the FTC was set to file its own antitrust lawsuit against the $68 deal. Perhaps, this is the reason why Microsoft’s presence in the award ceremony was almost negligible, in a bid to prevent even more people that might get in the way thus prolonging the process of finalizing the impending Activision deal.