Excel-like “KAYAK at Work” lets you book a vacation while appearing productive

Kit McDonald

With the warmer months finally arriving in our half of the globe, many people area plotting their vacations, maybe even when they shouldn’t be. According to a statement from KAYAK, the trip booking service, 57% of trip bookings are actually done mostly during the standard workday.

So KAYAK decided that they didn’t want anyone getting busted for not being productive while they are at work, thus their new spin-off site: KAYAK At Work. The site looks similar to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to give an illusion of actually doing work instead of booking a trip.

“We created KAYAK At Work to help people search for travel, something they’re already doing at the office, covertly while also looking more productive while doing it,” David Solomito, vice president of KAYAK’s North America marketing, told the Observer.

The page offers very basic search functions to plan your next trip. Even the results fit in with the basic Excel mask that is properly titled as the “Travel Problem Solved Report.”


While it’s not very convincing up close and personal, KAYAK at Work might fool some of your neighboring cubicle companions that you are working. Interestingly, the guy who built Windows Solitaire apparently had the same idea back in 1988, although Microsoft never implemented his “boss key.”