Enpass launches a portable edition of their popular password manager

Abhishek Baxi

Enpass is a popular offline password management app that allows you to save your login credentials, credit card details, and other important information securely.

The cross-platform app is available on all mobile and desktop platforms, including a pretty neat universal Windows app, and now the developers behind this solid app have announced the launch of Enpass Portable, a variant of their desktop app which doesn’t require any installation and can be used directly from a USB thumb drive.

Enpass Portable is essentially for users who frequently use public computers like in schools or universities and do not have admin rights to install apps or those who use multiple computers at work (system administrators, for example). All you need to do is download the zip files, extract them on a spare flash drive you have lying around, and every time you need to use Enpass on a random machine, just plug in the pen drive, launch the Enpass app, and remove when done.

Enpass Portable

The good thing is that Enpass Portable doesn’t restrict you to a specific platform. So, even if you use Windows primarily, you can plug in the same flash drive to a Mac or Linux machine and access your data as well as auto-fill and login through Enpass browser extensions.

Enpass Portable is free for all existing Enpass customers, and even if you’ve never used Enpass before, you can still go ahead, and use Enpass Portable whether or not you use their desktop and mobile apps. Download, and read more about Enpass Portable, here.