Email productivity solution Superhuman now available for Outlook

Kevin Okemwa

Superhuman for Outlook

Time conservation has been Superhuman’s ultimate goal since its inception. The email productivity tool features a “visually gorgeous” interface, insights from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter built in, an Undo Send feature, AI powered important mail detection, built in read statuses, follow up reminders, email send scheduling, and the ability to “snooze” conversations.

In the initial stages, they focused on Gmail, but over time, the demand for Outlook has grown tremendously.

A huge chunk of these requests came from organizations that heavily rely on Office 365. Microsoft translates this to 345M paid seats, which is 6 times more than Google Workspace’s usage in organizations.

Today, Superhuman announced the official launch of Superhuman for Outlook. They built Superhuman for Outlook from the ground up since Gmail’s API is quite different from Outlook, and Superhuman has been tailored to specifically serve Outlook.

Superhuman told us that,

Superhuman for Outlook will feature the same famous keyboard shortcuts and features that our Gmail users know and love, including the emphasis on speed, with every interaction taking less than 100 milliseconds. In fact, Superhuman actually works faster than Outlook, thanks to our constant optimizations, hybrid architecture, and specialized rendering pipeline. Outlook users will also be able to do the same actions they’re used to, including flagging important messages and organizing messages into folders. And in a feature that our beta users really loved, they can instantly toggle their Gmail and Outlook accounts.

Try out Superhuman for Outlook, which costs $30/mo., to experience the array of features it provides like its relentlessly refined design, and the ability to recall emails with grammatical errors and block strangers who keep on spamming your inbox.