Email app Acompli to be shuttered by Microsoft in favor of Outlook

Sean Cameron


Back in December 2014, Microsoft surprised many with its acquisition of the lauded email app for Android, Acompli. Having made waves with its simple, yet elegant, handling of complex email tasks, Redmond’s purchase of the firm seemed to signal a match made in heaven.

Indeed, the renewed Outlook app for Android, released recently, has received a great deal of acclaim. Borrowing a number of elements from Acompli, the team succeeded in building something true to the original, yet thoroughly its own in both functionality and design. The former team of Acompli achieved something functional and pretty, no mean feat.

Yet, as might be expected, the writing was on the wall for the original app from the moment the ink dried on the deal for its acquisition by Microsoft. Users of the app have begun to receive emails, stating that Acompli, as it currently is, will cease to function within the next two weeks, instead being replaced by Outlook. As such users are advised to begin preparations either to move to Outlook or a different email service soon.

In addition to offering IMAP support, Outlook also offers customizable swipe gestures and support for over 30 languages, meaning that most ought to be able to make the switch with a minimum of effort.

Are you an Acompli user? Will you be switching to Outlook? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Alex for the tip!