Electronic Frontier Foundation says Windows 10 upgrade tactics are “annoying to downright malicious”

Arif Bacchus

In case you did not already know, the free update offer to Windows 10 ended over three weeks ago on July 29th. Even though the free update is now over, the folks over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation are still blasting Microsoft.

Overall, the Electronic Frontier foundation finds that the free Windows 10 Upgrade violated the two key areas of user choice and user privacy. When it comes to user choice, the group finds that, “the tactics Microsoft employed to get users of earlier versions of Windows to upgrade to Windows 10 went from annoying to downright malicious.” Meanwhile, with user privacy, the group finds that, “by default, Windows 10 sends an unprecedented amount of usage data back to Microsoft.”

As what can be seen as an added bonus, the group also wants Microsoft to “come clean” with the community  and, “acknowledge its missteps and offer real, meaningful opt-outs to the users who want them, preferably in a single unified screen.”

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