Microsoft Edge will let users split two tabs in a single window soon

Kevin Okemwa

Edge Insider

If splitting two tabs into one window is something you’ve been long anticipating to enhance your workflow and navigation while browsing the web, then you might be able to access this feature soon. As it happens, Microsoft is currently testing this feature with Edge insiders in the Canary Channel as spotted by Leopeva64-2 on Reddit.

Edge Insiders in the Canary Channel can access this feature by enabling the Microsoft Edge Split Screen flag. By enabling this flag, a new button will be introduced in the address bar. Then, you can click on the Edge Split Screen button to use two tabs simultaneously in one Edge window. Here’s an illustration of how the feature works:

Microsoft Edge tabs in a new side-by-side view.

While it is still possible to achieve the same by having multiple tabs open in a single window simultaneously and be able to navigate between them, it is quite tedious and you might at times lose track of your workflow.

Alternatively, the browser also comes with a provision that allows users to drag a tab and make use of the in-built Windows split view to split two tabs in a single Edge window.

Even then, the process is quite long and tedious, and when compared to the new Edge Split Screen, the latter is by far more appealing since all you need to do is make a single click.

What’s more, users that have access to this feature in Edge can duplicate them, pin them side by side, or even share them in groups. The same feature can also be found in Vivaldi, though instead of splitting one window into two tabs, users can split up to 4 tabs simultaneously in one window.

In other Edge related news, the browser has extended its support for the Windows Server 2012 to October 2023. Share your thoughts regarding this feature in the comment section.