Edge Insider Dev and Canary builds get updates, add support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft’s move to rebuild its Edge web browser using Chromium hits another landmark today with the first Edge Insider Dev update. The releases place Edge both Dev and Canary at version, and although so far the Canary channel still hasn’t quite reached “nightly build” status, it’s a lot more frequent than Old Edge users are accustomed to seeing.

As for a changelog, that’s still in the works, but a couple of things to note with these latest builds. First, both Edge Insider Dev and Canary channels now contain support in preview form for WebVR/WebXR content for Windows Mixed Reality headsets:

Make sure either the WebVR or WebXR flag in edge://flags is enabled, and try it out on your WMR device! ???? Requires build or later.

In addition, today’s release now allows for running Edge Insider on 32-bit machines with the Edge Canary channel.

If you have been waiting for 32-bit support to try out Edge Insider, there’s no reason to wait and you can download Edge Dev or Edge Canary channels from this Edge Insider download page. Remember too that you don’t have to choose between channels, either, as you can run Edge Insider Dev, Edge Insider Canary, and even the “old” EdgeHTML-based Edge side by side by side. And if you’re not sure if your Edge Insider build has been updated or not, you can quickly check:

So far, although it’s very early, Edge Insider (as we like to call it, nothing like having one name for multiple completely different products, eh Microsoft?) has been getting good reviews and seems to be fully functional for the most part, so if you’ve been hesitating, we recommend giving Edge Dev or Edge Canary (or both) a try. Worst case scenario, you just close the browser and go back to what you were using before!