Edge gets tab previews, syncing features in Windows 10 build 10565

Staff Writer

Microsoft has just released Windows 10 insider build 10565, as reported only moments ago. New features include the previously reported tab previews, long overdue favorites and reading list syncing, as well as drag and drop for file uploads.
Tab previews allow a user to hover over a given tab hand have a preview image drop down showing the visible contents of the web page in the given tab.
Microsoft’s new Edge browser, while praised for its inclusion of innovative new features such as Web Notes, was also panned for not including desirable features such as extensions and favorites syncing. With this latest build, Microsoft finally brings favorites and reading list syncing to Edge.
This feature can be argued to be an “old” feature, as Internet Explorer 11 for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 has had this feature for a long time. For Edge, it was a pretty glaring omission as favorites syncing has long been a basic feature of modern browsers.
In addition to syncing favorites, Edge on the new build will also sync the Reading List to the cloud, a feature that I personally have yearned for since the beginning. This feature is currently a work in progress and is open to feedback and refinement.
Finally, build 10565 also adds drag and drop for file uploads in Microsoft Edge.
Check back later on for hands-on videos of the new build.