Microsoft Edge Canary lets some Insiders enable open tabs and history sync

Rabia Noureen

Edge Canary Tab History Sync

Microsoft launched its Edge browser back in January 2020, and the company is continuously working around the clock to regularly release new features. However, Microsoft Edge was still missing some key features like history syncing. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

As reported by a user on Reddit (via Windows Latest), the long-awaited tab and sync features are now rolling out in version 88.0.682.0 of Edge Canary. These capabilities only seem to be available for Mac users, though, as we’re not seeing it on our end. However, if available, the options need to be enabled in the customization settings by following the steps below:


  1. Navigate to Settings >> Profiles >> Sync and make sure Sync is enabled.
  2. Toggle the “Open tabs” and “History sync” options on.
  3. Finally, restart the Edge browser.

The new tab and history syncing capabilities will likely be a welcome addition for people who are using Microsoft Edge on multiple devices. It helps them easily pick up where they left off by closing the browser on one of their PCs and opening it on the other machine. Notably, this feature is optional, and the data will only extend to other devices with the same profiles.

At the moment, the new settings have only been spotted in the Canary Channel, and it is impossible to say when the tab and sync options will land on the Dev and Stable Channels for Edge users to experiment with. What’s your take on the new sync features in Edge? Let us know in the comments down below.