EA Access Members can now enjoy the Madden NFL 18 before release

Kit McDonald

Microsoft, NFL, Xbox, Xbox One

Sports fans looking for a new game to try out? EA Access has you covered. The upcoming Madden NFL 18 set for release on August 25 is now available as a Play First title.

If you’ve subscribed to the $4.99 service, EA Access allows gamers to play up to ten hours of Madden NFL 18 before the release date. Furthermore, there is a bonus 10% discount for purchases made with EA Access, bringing down a small chunk of the original $59.99 retail price. Progress, achievements, and content acquired during the First Play time period will also carry over to release.

Madden NFL 18 will also have improvements for running on the Xbox One X and 4k resolution. But you can play it first on Xbox One today.