Dying Light DLC coming to Rocket League on Xbox One

Dave W. Shanahan

rocket league on dying light

According to a recent post on Reddit, you can get a buggy skin for Rocket League in Dying Light: The Following on Xbox One. The exclusive content allows you to get a Rocket League skin for a buggy to play Rocket League with a friend in Dying Light.

Also announced on Twitter, just go to dockets.dylinglightgame.com and enter code “LIGHTMYROCKET” to redeem. No word yet if we’ll see a Dying Light-inspired buggy in Rocket League, but it is highly likely to happen.

Dying Light: The Following is new standalone DLC for Dying Light on Xbox One featuring a map that dwarfs the size of the original Dying Light map, and features more gameplay enhancements that improves upon the original Dying Light game. Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition includes all of the content of the original plus some new exclusive features.

Dying Light: The Following is available on Xbox One and Windows 10 on Steam for $59.99.