Doom is getting a 4K update today for Xbox One X consoles

Dave W. Shanahan

DOOM 4K UPDATE, Microsoft, Xbox One X

Starting today, Xbox One X owners can play Doom updated to play in 4K. In 2016 when Doom launched, id Software developed the game to be fast-paced, and filled with unrelenting demonic enemies whose sole mission is to kill you. With the new Xbox One X Enhanced update, gamers can experience Doom and see Hell in a whole new light.

Here’s a look at Doom in 4K on Xbox One X.

As noted in a post on the Bethesda blog, the new update will make everytime you shoot, bash, and slice in Doom turn into a bloody, eviscerating masterpiece. All the enemies of Hell will still come at you non-stop, but now they are more detailed and horrific with the Xbox One X Enhanced update.

Microsoft continues to update more and more game titles with Xbox One X Enhanced updates, bringing more clarity and detail to provide the most immersive gaming experience possible. Here’s the full list of current and upcoming Xbox One X Enhanced game titles

Doom is available now for just $22.49 for a limited time.

Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Price: Free