Don’t expect to see the Xbox Snap feature to make a return

Robert Collins

For those of you who miss Xbox Snap: take heart, for it doesn’t look like the feature will be returning anytime soon. That’s according to Xbox engineer lead Eden Marie, who expressed her doubts on Twitter when asked about it. Given Marie’s position she would be the one to know, so it’s safe to say that Snap is gone for good on Xbox consoles.

For anyone unfamiliar with the snap feature, it launched with the Xbox One console and was later removed in February 2017. The feature basically functioned just like the snap feature on Windows PCs, allowing users to run multiple apps simultaneously on their screen. For instance, you could run a game on one side of screen and open a music player app like Spotify in another corner to DJ your gaming experience. You could even run a game and stream video at the same time.

While many users have reported that they miss Snap, there are still alternatives such as using a second device like a smartphone to achieve the same function.