Destiny gets its last Xbox 360 update, also coming to Xbox One

Michael Cottuli

Destiny: Rise of Iron, Destiny, Rise of Iron

Xbox 360 Guardians beware – Bungie’s shared-world FPS RPG has finally cut support for the last generation of hardware. Today, patch releases to pave the road for Rise of Iron, the expansion that’s going to define Year 3 of Destiny’s lifetime. The patch itself isn’t actually all that impressive in terms of features or content, consisting entirely of bug fixes that are meant to polish the game’s experience a bit. What makes so important is that, with it, Destiny is no longer going to be supported on the last generation, barring any game-breaking bugs that need to be addressed.

For what it’s worth, here’s the changelog:


  • Fixed an issue where Solar-based Damage-Over-Time (DoT) effects were dealing half their intended damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Intellect stat was not generating the correct amount of Super energy
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Electrostatic Mind perk removed the Super regeneration provided by the Intellect stat


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Apotheosis Veil helmet from being accessible in the Exotic Armor Blueprints kiosk


  • Fixed an issue that could cause weekly activities from ending earlier than the weekly reset
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Legendary Marks from being granted when finishing the “Paradox” and “Lost to Light” missions when they are the featured Daily Story Mission
  • Fixed an issue where players with a full Postmaster inventory did not receive the Moments of Triumph book
  • Players who did not receive their Moments of Triumph book can now find it in the Postmaster

To be clear, the servers for Destiny are still going to be active if you’re playing on Xbox 360. If you didn’t take the game all that seriously and just want to hop in the crucible every once in a while to let off some steam, you’re still going to be able to do that. However you’re a hardcore raider, want the loot from the Iron Banner, or fight for glory in the Trials of Osiris every weekend, you’re going to be totally out of luck. Rise of Iron isn’t going to be coming out for players who make their home on Xbox 360 or PS3, and special events are being discontinued.

The decision to drop support for the last gen was inevitable and finally lets Bungie start putting in truly significant improvements to the game. Unfortunately, building Destiny around last-generation hardware was something that was causing significant roadblocks when it comes to adding features that the player base truly wanted. We won’t be seeing the true impact of these changes until Destiny’s sequel comes out solely for Xbox One and PS4, but you can bet that you’ll be able to tell the difference.

In case this cessation of support is enough to make you want to go out and get an Xbox One, don’t worry about the progress of your character. If you want to, you can get your account from the Xbox 360 imported to your new Xbox One version of Destiny, making it so you don’t lose any of that hard-earned gear.