Dell’s Windows Migration Fast Forward Service wants to help you ditch Windows XP


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For those of you who are unaware, support for Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system ends April 2014. In preparation for this upcoming dooms day, Dell has launched the “Windows Migration Fast Forward Service”, which enables one to jumpstart a new migration or fast-forward one already in progress. 

“About 21 percent of PCs are still running Windows XP. This is an industry-wide issue that many of our customers are dealing with right now. Our goal is to provide organizations of all sizes with an efficient migration solution. The Windows Migration Fast Forward Service adds to Dell’s complete suite of migration offerings that make upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8 fast, simple and affordable,” Dell’s Kevin Jones stated. He is the vice president and general manager of Dell’s Infrastructure and Cloud Computing Services.

Dell has outlined a few steps to help ease the stress of migrating from Windows XP, especially when an organization has been using the operating system since its launch in 2001 (nearly 12 years ago). First, Dell suggests preparing for Windows 7 or Windows 8 by assessing application, hardware, and deployment readiness. Then, automate by building an image for automated deployment including the operating system and applications. Then, implement the operating system based on a personalized plan, migration design, images and repackage apps. Finally, migrate and manage version changes and educate your workforce to thrive on the new system.

While all this may sound simple in writing, its obviously much harder to do. Dell offers a service that helps you migrate from Windows XP. “Smoothly and quickly transition up to 5,000 client systems and five sites by choosing from all our available modules – including inventory, application rationalization, compatibility testing, remediation, packaging and deployment. The typical Windows Migration Fast Forward Service takes only 16 weeks,” Dell stated.

For more information on Dell’s migration service, head over to the VIA link below. Also, check out the cool video below from Dell about migrating from Windows XP.