A day in the life of the Windows 10 development team

Kareem Anderson

A day in the life of the Windows 10 development team

From Microsoft holding a preview launch revealing to the rampant speculation about it’s future relevance as software company, some would be hard pressed not to accidently stumble on any kind of Microsoft news on the internet these days. As of late, that news has been laser-focused on the Microsoft’s ‘comeback‘ story of it’s ill-fated 2010 OS release, Windows 8 and it’s transition to the ‘hero‘ OS, Windows 10. In recent days, the press has been greeted with what’s quickly becoming Microsoft’s A-team, consisting of Satya Nadella, Terry Meyerson, Joe Belfiore, Julie Larson-Green, and Julie White, as they look to champion the replacement OS. Yet there are a whole host of other individuals who have been hard at work listening to customer feedback, coding, testing and prepping the next version of Windows tailored for the masses and Microsoft is taking the time to highlight the team that is bringing it’s ‘One OS’ vision to life this year.

In a post titled The Road to Windows 10 found on Microsoft’s Jobs Blog, software engineers, program managers, engineering leads, media teams, and a myriad of other vital Windows 10 contributors have their daily routines documented as they work to bring customers what they feel is the best Windows experience to date.

Windows 10 represents not only a shared codebase, but an obsession with the customer that’s unified our businesses and disciplines. “There’s a lot of talent working on Windows 10, and for the first time in history, we have engineers with experiences from all over the company collaborating on this user experience together as one team,” Li-Chen says. There’s an energized team spirit, talent is welcome, and Li-Chen emphasizes, “Opportunity is totally available at Microsoft.”

The blog post is chalked full of personal accounts, collaborative thought processes, finite minutia, and hidden development gems, all on the making of Windows 10, by the team that spent the most time with it. It’s a definite read for any and all Windows users.