Cortana can now search Academic subjects

Brad Stephenson

Cortana Menu

Cortana has just added Academic topics to its range of searchable subjects within the Cortana Notebook menu. Users can now choose to receive notifications regarding related conferences and papers in their fields as well as updates and as news on different subjects.
As with most of Cortana’s features, availability will depend on the user’s region but Cortana-enabled device owners can check for these added academic options by updating their phone and apps to the latest versions and simply checking for the added topic in the Cortana’s Notebook menu.
Cortana began as Microsoft’s response to Apple’s Siri but has since evolved into a fairly powerful program in its own right. Recently Microsoft revealed that it was working on a Cortana-enabled earpiece and has also put out the call for beta testers for the upcoming official Cortana app for iOS devices, which will put it in direct competition with Apple’s personal assistant. Do you use Cortana on your Windows device? How often do you use it and what do you use it for? Share your stories with the WinBeta community in the comments below.