Cortana add-on REACHit adds file search to its list of tricks

Staff Writer

With the continued increase of technological resources become readily available and cloud storage usage on the rise, many are finding themselves spread thin across multiple storage services and devices they use on a daily basis. Saving a document to your work computer and then attempting to access it from either your mobile device or desktop home computer can be an exercise in frustration. Lenovo last year introduced an app to help remove these issues and help find your files a simple and intuitive process.

The REACHit app allows users to explore their files stored across multiple cloud services such as OneDrive, Box or DropBox. It also adds the ability to remotely access multiple PCs that have been setup on your REACHit account.

With the latest update, Lenovo has further integrated Cortana in the REACHit app, once again enhancing the overall experience. With the use of voice, users can naturally speak to their device while working and have the app look across all their folders and accounts for specifics items. The ability to search using key items such as contacts, location data or recent activity, REACHit helps in narrowing down those results. Users can download the REACHit app now, from the Windows Store.

Do you see yourself using Cortana for faster file searching with REACHit? Let us know in the comments.

REACHit for Cortana
REACHit for Cortana
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