Cornish College of the Arts exhibited their work with HoloLens

Kit McDonald

In case you missed it, the students at the Cornish College of the Arts were allowed to showcase their exhibits featuring the Microsoft HoloLens. The Microsoft sponsored BFA mixed reality exhibit was called “Through the HoloLens,” a play on the title “Through the Looking Glass.” The EXPO showed off their performances recoded on a soundstage and rendered into a holographic video.

This exhibit took place earlier this year and have been posted online for our perusal. However, just today a video was uploaded featuring the Cornish College of the Arts Expo yet again. It gives a bit more of a behind the scenes view of the artists and their reactions to developing art through the HoloLens.

Here are some of the exhibits that were showcased:

Strange World by Majesta Vestal

Strange World is the story of a young character named Mint, the story follows her through a journey of personal growth and exploration through the odd, confusing, and curious world where she finds herself.

Rise by Erik Hall

Rise: An Adaptable Living Unit, is a project that aims to find solutions for people living in impoverished coastal slums of Bangladesh, India.

Open/Box by Marcella Sweeney

Open/Box captures a re-construction of a BFA solo entitled Open/Door. It is a modernization of the classic music box, in which the traditional symbol of the ballerina inside the box is replaced by a modern dancer.

Turbulence by Jeff Brice

Turbulence is an experimental diagrammatic drawing and notation systems. The ability to see turbulence animated as a “holographic” object gives a true insight into the complex movements in time and space of natural systems.

You can watch many of the performances from the Exhibit or even download the HoloLens files yourself. For a full list, make sure to check out the Cornish College of the Arts Expo 2016 page where you can also view other art and designs that were highlighted side by side the augmented art.