Collections comes to Edge Insider Canary channel, makes organizing web pages easier

Jonny Caldwell

Collections comes to Edge Insider Canary channel, makes organizing web pages easier

Microsoft is introducing a new experimental feature to Edge Insiders in the Canary channel. Users can now organize web pages they want to save for later into ‘Collections’.

Of course, as this is a highly experimental feature, so it will be tucked under the browser’s flags menu for now. To enable it, you’ll want to download or update the Canary version of Edge, then type into the address bar edge://flags#edge-collections and switch the setting from Default to Enabled.

Once enabled, you’ll be able to access your Collections menu from the browser’s toolbar, where you’ll be able to start a new collection. The company makes adding items easy in three different ways—by clicking the Add current page button while the Collections menu is open; adding links, images, and text from the context menu; or dragging and dropping them into the collection while the menu is open.

Microsoft explained on its blog post that the feature can serve for a multitude of use cases, and saving items from shipping places is especially useful as the Collections menu can display prices and customer ratings. Other web pages will display the most relevant text and featured image from the site, while images added to the collection will be displayed a little larger for more visual ease.

This feature is, of course, still under development, and Microsoft promises new features to come later. As always, the company is seeking feedback on it, so if you’re up to it, be sure to test it and let them (and us in the comments) know what you think. Also, if you’re into something without a lot of potential bugs, the Beta channel is now officially available.