Clippy is back… on Microsoft’s TikTok account

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft is using its online presence on Tiktok to further compel users to join Teams. To push their agenda further, they posted a video featuring a person trapped in a Clippy mascot outfit dancing. (via Windows Central).

Animated Clippy stickers came to Microsoft Teams late last year, as Microsoft revised its former Office assistant as a sticker pack. Initially, Clippy made its debut in Office 97 to provide writing suggestions and now it has made its way back to Microsoft Teams with a Retro Sticker Pack.

In the video, Microsoft uses catchy phrases like, “you’re looking so business casual tonight, I want to send you a meme or a gif and a message all from one convenient location.” This is the attempt to explain what users stand to gain upon joining Microsoft Teams.


u hang up, no u hang up. #microsoftteams #workfromhome #fyp #cliptok #corporate

♬ original sound – Microsoft

We will have to wait and see if the “wacky Tiktok video” will draw a substantial number of users to Microsoft Teams. Are you on Microsoft Teams? Let us know in the comment section below.